About Georgia

Geographical Location:

Territory: 69700 km

Neighbor Countries: From south-west Turkey, South-east Armenia, East Azerbaijan. At the north frontier, from west to east neighbor of Georgia is Russia. 36% of Georgian territory is located on 1500 meters above sea level. Relief is mountainous. Two highest mountains Shkhara 5068m and Kazbegi 5037m confirm this. From west Georgia has Black Sea, from North and south – big and little Kavkasioni Mountain Range.


Climatic zones range from the heat of the subtropics to the eternal snow peaks of the mountains, from a moderately humid Mediterranean-type climate to a dry continental climate. In the lowlands, the summers are hot and winters are moderate. The most comfortable times to visit Georgia are spring and autumn. However, summer is the best time to travel to the mountainous highlands since roads are often closed from early autumn until late spring.

Time zone: GMT + 4:00

Population and Demographics:
Capital: Tbilisi
Population: 4 300 000
Ethnical Composition: 69% Georgians

The majority of Georgians belong to the Georgian Orthodox Church: Georgia was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity, which was spread already in the 1st century AD, but became the official religion in the 4st century AD. However the country is also known for its tolerance for other religions; other faiths practiced in Georgia include Roman Catholicism, Armenian Gregorian, Protestantism, Judaism and Islam.
65% Georgian Orthodox
10% the rest of Orthodox
11% Moslem
8% Armenian Gregorian

National Minorities:
500 000 Azerbaijanian
400 000 Armenian
300 000 Russian
100 000 the rest of Slavs
100 000 Greeks
Also Abkhazians, Ossetians, Jews and etc.

Basic cities:
Qutaisi – 235 000 inhabitant
Rustavi – 159 000 inhabitant
Batumi – 136 000 inhabitant
Zugdidi – 100 000 inhabitant
Gori – 69 000 inhabitant
Poti – 50 000 inhabitant

Official Language: Georgian
Georgian language is the part of Caucasian language group. 4 000 000 man speak Georgian. The first Georgian monument that we know belongs to 5th century.
Why should you visit Georgia?
Georgia is famous with its history. Besides, geographical location of the country attracts more and more tourists every year.

  1. Summer and winter resorts
  2. The remainders of the past epochs
  3. Foot-prints of Argonauts
  4. Georgians are very hospitable
  5. Georgian wine and cuisine is famous in the world
  6. In Georgia there are several popular health resorts
  7. Beautiful nature doesn’t leave anyone indifferent

UNESCO Cultural Inheritance

Bagrati Church and Gelati Monastery
Bagrati -The historical monument of 10th-11th centuries is located in Kutaisi, Georgia. It was built during the reign of Bagrat the third. This church, with its artistic and architectural value, is one of the most important monuments in Georgian architecture.It is thought to be the final settler of the medieval style. According to history, in 1692 the church was destroyed by the Osmals.
Gelati is also located in Kutaisi. In the gorge of river Tskaltsiteli. Monastery was founded in 1106, by the King David the builder. The monastery complex is made with many buildings of different years.